Energy efficiency surveys are complementary for ProStar clients.

Are you looking for the right solution to conserve more energy in your commercial space? Look no further than Pro Star Mechanical. Our skilled and experienced team of technicians specializes in performing a detailed survey of all types of buildings and sites throughout San Diego and Orange County. We will deliver you the most accurate energy evaluation with the best potential for energy conservation. We will provide you with an objective survey report that will sum up the foundation for a definitive strategy to take control of your energy costs.

What you'll get

  • Most assuring energy-saving operations
  • Accurate information on possible cost savings
  • High returns on investment
  • Maximum rebate opportunities

You can be confident of the technical skills and experience of our highly trained engineers for a comprehensive assessment of your equipment such as boilers and HVAC system. Our in-depth assessment equipment which we employ allows us to put forward reliable recommendations. Want to discuss your needs in detail? Contact us today.

Our energy efficiency surveys include recommendations to optimize energy usage with existing equipment or updated energy-efficient boilers or HVAC equipment.